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About us

We, at Bhagirath Heavy Transmission, are one of the leading manufacturers who produce customer approved superior quality material handling equipment. We have been serving this industry for long with a great variety of products and adhering to the international design parameters through hiring of experts in this area of work. Our products have established a far off reach to the untapped corners of around 40 countries covering Middle East Nations, Asia continent, African coast and the central Europe. Our high-end technological products provide the clients with a platform for smooth operation of their work and add to the overall enhancement of their efficiency levels catering to all the industry verticals.

Our organisation, Bhagirath Heavy Transmission, is aproud holder of ISO-9001 quality certification and has been a member of UKAS Management Systems.

Bhagirath Heavy Transmission swear by the following philosophy :
We believe in straight line manufacturing and high work efficiency. Our core values revolve around the aspects of infusing work with ethics, having immense scope for transparent dealings, 100 per cent commitment and greater customer satisfaction. BHT believes in the golden rule philosophy of keeping both arms open for constant growth improvements both in products and manufacturing processes with building up floors in company’s line of material handling and lifting products as they move along the advancement path. Without all of these concretebases, we have been able to face very successfully the ever increasing challenges that hamper the growth and development of the economy. On this day, Bhagirath Heavy Transmission stands up as an independent organisation taking immense pride in serving our ever increasing clients the best quality products and excellent service.

Bhagirath Heavy Transmission has summed up its company mission as the following statement :
BHT as an organisation defines its paramount mission to bring about a revolution in the global industrial sectors through providence of high-quality range of material handling and lifting equipment. We define ourselves in words as an organisation who possess a passion to achieve long term success, believe in hardcore dedication towards work, excellent levels of design and engineering and high-end quality performance product made available to the customers at an affordable price range.

For the requirements in the areas of quality lifting and shifting equipment, feel free to contact us and we shall strive to provide you with quality products and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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