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A pulley is a wheel on an axle that is designed in order to support movement. It is also used to change directions of a cable and the belt along its circumference. A pulley system can be operated using a rope, chain, belt, or sometimes even a cable. Each variety is used to lift particular types of weights based on the power transmitted and the force required for the work.  Chains, ropes,etc. are called the drive element of a pulley. Bhagirath Heavy Transmission India provides you with the  premium quality chain hoist pulleys. These pulleys find extensive usage in the factories for lifting different sorts of weights. They also find applications in coal and other mineral mines, farmsand construction sites.

We construct chain pulley blocks from high grade materials. Also, we make sure that our machines are easy to operate. Features of our chain pulley are as follows:

  • Chain blocks are manufactured as per the order specifications.
  • Load chain may vary from a range of 1 to 16 as per the capacity.
  • Our Chain blocks show a capacity of 500 kg to 30 tons.

Some features of our Chain pulleys are listed below.

  • Easiest braking. Braking systems also are very reliable in operation.
  • Hand chain and load chain that have been used are as per the IS 2429 / part II / 70.
  • Rigidly built frame. Steel plates constructions are welded ensuring high-end safety.
  • Forged hooks are as per IS – 8610. They are made from forged steel and can move and rotate freely.
  • Worm wheel is made of high grade cast iron. Worm shafts are made from high quality steel and are heat treated properly.

Chain pulleys find applications in various industries for lifting materials. Good quality of raw material usage is important to ensure safety. Also, this ensures a long life of the equipment. Look for the best ones that is apt for your needs. Different range of capacity and number of falls are available. Velocity variations are also available in the products. The models remain the same while one can choose based on the capacity expected. Match up your needs and we’ll do our best to deliver them.

   These are available in following specifications :

• Capacity ranging from 500Kg to 30 tons
• Chain block as per order and specification
• Load chain falls may vary from 1 - 16 as per the capacity
• Guarantee for the repairs
   Features :
• Frame is rigidly built steel plates welded construction with high factor of safety.
• Worm Wheel is made of high-grade cast iron and worm shaft is made from high quality steel and heat treated.
• Forged hooks as per IS-8610, made from forged steel and move/rotate freely.
• Hand Chain and Load Chain are used according to IS 2429/partII/70.
• Brake is easy & reliable in operation.
   Technical Specification & Dimensions
Capacity in Tonnes 1 2 3 5 7.5 10 15 20
Nett Weight in 3 Mtr. Lift in Kg. 26 45 41 70 98 126 176 266
Extra Weight/Mtr. Lift in Kg. 2.9 4.3 4.3 5.7 10.8 13.9 20.1 27.8
No. of Falls 1 2 2 3 3 4 6 8
Velocity Ratio App. 50.5 102 102 280 216 298 430 592
Hand Power in Kg. 35 35 45 40 40 52 80 85
Head Room in mm 54.5 680 715 810 895 925 1100 1200
Width in mm 230 230 230 475 475 525 600 1220
   Application Areas :  
• Factories
• Mines
• Farms
• Construction sites
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