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A hoist is a device that helps in lifting and lowering of a load. It is a drum or a lift wheel around which a rope or a chain gets draped. This helps in performing the lifting operations. A hoist can be electrically, manually or pneumatically driven. At Bhagirath Heavy Transmission India, you can get the best quality electrically drivenhoist for your industrial needs. Electrically driven hoists are the most preferred choice for industries as they have higher capacity and ease of operation when compared to manually operated hoists. Also,hoists may use a chain, rope or fiber as its lifting medium. A lifting hook is attached to the wire to enable lifting.
Any electrically driven hoist that you choose must contain few features so as to suffice your needs. Some qualities are expected from the hoists,which are traditional referred to as options on most electric chain hoist manufacturers.

An electric chain must have a design that can be integrated into a system of choice. Some of these include the overhead bridge cranes, construction cranes, bridge crane kits, rail system and also a standalone unit on a Jib Crane or sometimes a Gantry Crane. Electric hoists are highly efficient when the trolleys are free to move. Smooth and easy movement of theload with low resistance between the beam girders’ is the ideal feature  to be looked out for.

Looking closer for other features that our electric driven hoists can provide are:

 Range & Features
  • Hoists that are available for a single phase as well as for three phases.
  • Controls are available in all models that include a two speed and three phase hoist motors.
  • Single speed and three phase control motor features are available for LM05 and LM10 models which are reconnectable for 208, 230 or a 460/3/60 power supply.
  • A single speed hoist giving a singlehoist facility is available taking a power of 115 volts.
  • Class F insulated three-phase motors are available. These hoist motors are 50% effective duty rated.
  • Trolley control panels that are integrally mounted to the motor.
  • A two speed TMU trolley crave unit is available. Trolley speed is 80/20 FPM. Trolley Brake, Bumpers and drop lugs are standard ones. TMU also provides a variable frequency option.
  • ISO certified products that prove 100 percent efficient to carry out your everyday tasks with ease.

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