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Modular design principle Gear sizes, transmission ratios and main dimensions according to standard series of numbers, economic Mass production, comprehensive maintenance of stocks,favourable delivery periods, easy servicing,low weight, compact design with high efficiency due to case-hardened steels of the highest strength, amply dimensioned bearings,very smooth running with low noise due to ground helical gears and lapped high precision spiral bevel gears, housing of vibration- damping design of grey cast iron, the use of the most up-to-date machining equipment with constant production control by means of the most recent measuring machines.

BHT - Series modular gear units are the result of decades of experience in design and production, taking advantage of the most recent relevant research in the field of gearing technology.

  • General Technical information
  • Efficiencies
  • Dimensions, weight, Oil Quantity
  • Additional equipment
  • Mounting
  • Noise level
The power tables apply to normal conditions, i.e., drive by an electric motor, smooth operation, operation for eight hours per day,s 2.5-fold starting torque relative to catalogue performance PN, 100% duration of operation, ambient temperature 200 C. Power for intermediate speeds can be interpolated linearly.Higher drive speeds than indicated and selection as finite-fatigue strength gears on request.Reinforced bearings are optional for heavy external forcses (e. g. output drive by pinion).

•   99 % for single reduction helical gear boxes
•   98 % for double reduction helical gear boxes
•   97.5% for triple reduction helical gear boxes
•   97% for quadruple reduction helical gear boxes

The figures are not strictly binding. We reserve the right to modify dimensions. The indicated weight and oil quantities are average values. When filling gear unit with oil, note oil level markings.

The housing can be made of nodular cast iron or of fabricated steel. Additional heating cartridges can be built into the housings. Special seals may be provided when the plant has to be set up in dusty or humid surrounding.

Before the gear unit is set up the operating instructions should be studied and followed. Inclined positions for installation are  Possible on request. The plant user should provide protection covers on rotating parts.

Allowable noise level is generally as mentioned below

(a) Gearbox with C.I. housing: 85 d B
(b) Gearbox with fabricated housing: 90 d B
(c) Gearbox with fan or built in pump will have 5 d B higher than (a) & (b)
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