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These double flanged cast steel crane wheels are suitable for all types of power driven cranes. They are designed with treads and flanges of the proper contour to operate on the runway rails with a minimum of friction and wear. The treads may be finished straight, tapered or crowned. Flanges are heavy and may be finished for lighter rails than the maximum sizes listed. Wheels may be adapted to any style of mounting and fitted with any type of bearing.

Wheels will be furnished either "Rough Cast" or "Finished", as ordered.

  1.  Rough Cast
Wheels are supplied with sufficient excess material to finish to the dimensions listed in the table below.
  2.  Finished
Wheels are supplied machined to the purchasers' specifications. Rail size should be specified, otherwise wheels will be finished with straight treads for the maximum size rail, as listed in table below.
Note: The cored hole diameter "DI" in the table below may be varied to suit and either core diameter or finished bore dimensions must be specified.
We have a number of wheel patterns, which are not listed, and solicit your inquiries for crane wheels of any style or size.

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