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  Electric/Manual Winch Machine
  BHT India fosters and designs manual as well as electric crab winches according to IS-9507-1979 standards.These are the finest for substantial and sizableutilizations.

Subsequently listed are specifications of our Winch Machine; both manual and electric :
  • Frame - Produced with MS plates accurately and precisely grounded with chequered plate for adamant andsolidbedrock. It can also be produced with I.S.M.C. and C Sections with a chequered plate standas the area of operation and as the solid bedrock.
  • Design –The Winch Machines are Power Driven and are fabricatedaccording to IS-9507-1979 standardization, which is suitable for sizable and heavy-dutyutilizations. Manual Winches can be fabricated with auxiliary utilities as well, according to our clients’ needs.
  • Gear boxes - Helical Reduction Gear box or Open Spur Gears andPinionsare utilizedin making reductions.
  • Rope Drum - Steel manufactureddrum which has been properlyfabricated, with the provision of flanges at either of the ends.
  • Winding Capacity – Usually a 100 metre Wire Rope.However, Drums with greater capacity of winding can also be manufactured in accordance with our client.
  • Motor – Immense Initial Torque, Class 'B' Covering, 150 Starts/ Hr415V, 50Hz Frequency, 3 Phase, A.C. Induction, Squirrel Cagingaccording to the standardization IS-325.
  • Control and Control Panel - The winch is managed by a push button controller or station at 110Volts which isfastened on machine. The control apparatus such as thetriple Pole Reversing Contractors, H.R.C. Fuses and pilot lampsare of regarded make such as; ABB/BCH/SIEMENS.
  • Brake – Electromagnetic, Elector Hydraulic thruster, Double Shoe Type Brake or Hand Operated brakes arefabricated according to our clients’ needs.

Each of our machines have been certified and tested at an overload of up to 25 per cent. Our company provides a warranty of 12 months, from the delivery date, in case of any deformity in manufacturing at the factory. We retain the right of implementing any technical development without prior consideration.

Our variety of top-classhoisting and solutions for managing materials has made sure that high quality assistanceis delivered from our side. Each and every product is fabricated such that it has low load on wheel,light weight and low amount of fracture. Our superior range of products has provided aid in various operations and labour effectiveness across diverse industries and companies.
Power Driven Winch Machines are designed as per IS-9507-1979 and are suitable for heavy Duty applications. Generally, Winches with Right Hand Operation are manufactured, however , the same can supplied with other side operation also as per requirement.
Fabricated with I.S.M.C. & C Sections/Plates property ribbed, floored with checkered plate platform for working area, lifting lugs, Anchoring Holes for foundation, provided.
1st stage reduction with self made Helical Reduction Gear box or of reputed make & other reduction with open Spur Gears & pinions.
Steel fabricated Drum duly machined, with flanges at both ends.
100 Mtr. of Wire Rope. Drums with larger winding capacity can also available.
High Starting Torque, Class 'B' Insulation, 150 Starts/ Hr415V, 50Hz, 3 Phase, A.C. Induction, squirrel Cage/Slipring motors conforming to IS-325 of reputed make like NGEF/CROMPTON/BBL/BHT etc.
The winch is operated by Push Button Station/Controller at 110V. fixed on machine. The control Equipments like Tripple Pole Reversing Contractors, H.R.C. Fuses, pilot lamp etc of reputed make like ABB/BCH/SIEMENS.
  Brake Electromagnetic/Elector Hydraulic thruster, Double Shoe Type Brake and/or Hand Operated     brake provided as per requirement.

 •  Rope Winding Capacity up to 1 km. 
 •  Multipurpose Lifting Cum Pulling. 
 •  Speed Vary From
 •  1 Mtr./Min. to 15 Mtr./Min.
  Frame I.S.M.C.
  Test All Machines are tasted at 25% overload.
  Warrantee 12 Months warrantee from the date of delivery against any manufacturing defect at Factory basis.
  Improvement  We reserve the right of effecting any Technical improvement without any notice.

  Our manual crab winches are designed and developed as per IS-9507-1979 and are best for heavy-duty applications. These winches with right hand operation and could be manufactured with other side operation also, as per customer requirement. Following are some of the essentials of our product:
  FRAME : fabricated with MS plates properly ribbed and floored with chequered plate for working area, lifting lugs, anchoring holes for Rigid foundation.
   Technical Data for Manual Crab winch
Capacity in (Tones) 1 2 3 5 10 15 20
Drum Dia (mm) 160 160 215 215 270 355 400
Drum Length (mm) 300 400 500 560 800 1000 1200
Flange Dia (mm) 285 380 400 500 600 750 900
Height A (mm) 490 610 730 960 1140 1440 1700
Width B (mm) 360 480 530 680 965 1140 1300
Length C (mm) 600 750 900 980 1300 1700 1900
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